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Ordinary Label. Extraordinary Ingredients.

For nearly 20 years we've been making salsa and now BBQ sauce and Bloody Mary Mix, the way it’s meant to be made: in small batches, using the best ingredients we can find, and of course, Curt's original signature blend of herbs and spices.

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It all started back in 1994. Turning a country cabin into a chef’s kitchen.

Out in the Wisconsin woods, Curt and Betty Hollister, two self-described foodies, perfected their savory blend of tomatoes, onions and peppers and began selling their homemade salsa at local farmer’s markets, under the eponymous name Curt's “Special Recipe” Salsa.

Curt's Speical Recipe Homemade Salsa Jars

One million jars later, Curt’s Special Recipe is still made the way it has always been made.

The Hollisters are no longer in the kitchen, but their handcrafted, small-batch way of doing things continues to be the bedrock of how we do things. And now, we're happy to introduce Curt's Special RecipeTM BBQ sauce and Bloody Mary mix.

Curt's Special Recipe fresh salsa

Don’t let the plain white label fool you.

Curt's Special RecipeTM isn't your typical mass-produced, bland, or watered-down sauce company. No sir. Behind these plain white labels are some of the freshest, most flavorful sauces you'll find anywhere, from tangy-mild, to knee-buckling hot, to bold, rich and smoky, we have a flavor profile sure to fit any sauce-lovers palate.

Curt's Special Recipe Plain Label

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