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Curt's Special Recipe Salsa, barbecue sauce and bloody mary mix
Fresh tomatoes
Curt's Special Recipe Original Barbecue sauce with an onion
Beans and spices used to make Black Bean Salsa
Salsa with fresh peppers and onions
Bloody Mary Mix made with fresh vegetables
Chips and Salsa
Bloody Mary Mix close up shot with a stick of celery sticking out of it
A close up of an assortment of spices
Delicious fresh onions
Curt's Special Recipe Black Bean Salsa
A close up shot of a large tomato
Fresh tomatoes, peppers and spices
A bowl of chips and fresh hot salsa
Fresh tomatoes, peppers, a bowl of salsa and spices
Curt's Special Recipe Spicy Barbecue Sauce
Fresh tomatoes, oinions, peppers and spices
An image gallery of Curt's Special Recipe's fresh ingredients and hand-crafted salsa, barbeque sauce, and bloody mary mix.

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